Owner will Carry real estate in Denver

OWC in Denver

When your family is  looking to move to a home in Denver or looking to sell your home in Denver some time using creative financing is the only way your real estate deal will get done.  Creative financing uses techniques like Owner will carry or OWC or even lease with the option to purchase . Thinking out side the box and some times find you a buyer when other efforts have failed.  When you need a rent to own and options like leasing to own, OWC owner will carry or have bad credit, you need to call real estate pro Dave Newman at 720-362-9049. http://winnersinrealestate.com/

Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, Aurora and Denver’s real estate market is starting to show signs of  equity increase again after a strong spring and summer season in 2012. Normally, real estate home sales tend to slow down in the fall and winter, because of weather conditions, after all who wants to move in the middle of a snow storm.  In addition to these problems, banks, lenders, mortgage companies, and real estate investors are not lending to more risky buyers.  Because of the ups and downs in the real estate market in the past few years some sells are under water (owe more on the mortgage than the equity in the property is worth) and many buyers now have damaged credit from being laid off for an extended period of time.

What is OWC   Owner will carry the mortgage and provide the financing, the seller become the mortgage company

What is a Lease Option    You lease a home, condo, or town home and make monthly rent payments with the option to buy the home with in a number of months or years.

Rent to own    You make monthly rental payments and a part of the rent goes towards a purchase price. After Each rent payment the purchase price goes down.


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